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Welcome to the National Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice website. This site is designed to support and connect nursing research--including interprofessional research--efforts across Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente's 50,000 nurses make up the largest segment of the organization's workforce and account for countless direct interactions with patients and members across all practice settings. Care at Kaiser Permanente aims to be evidence-based and we are committed to conducting the research necessary to inform the evidence base. We also want to maintain and reignite nurses' passion for science and discovery by conducting original studies and reviewing published evidence to inform and improve practice. Via these webpages and our collective publications, we document and communicate the value of nursing research; the systematic and rigorous study and evaluation of nursing practice and nursing-sensitive indicators; and the impact of nursing on patient care and resulting outcomes.



Nursing Research In the News

pictureManu Thakral, PhD, of KP Washington, recently posted an excellent blog on the value of nursing research. Please check it out and share widely.

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Presentations and Education

  • KP National Nursing Research Presentation
    June, 2017
  • Difference between Research, EBP, and Performance Improvement
    Confused about the differences and similarities between research, evidence-based practice, and performance improvement/quality improvement? Clink on this link and go the the Academy of Evidence-Based Practice website for an out of this world presentation. Nurses and other healthcare professional can use this presentation to begin exploring the Wonderful Worlds of QI/PI, EBP, and research, with detailed explanations and examples regarding each planet and their solar systems.

Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice Dashboard

REBP Southern California Hawaii North West Colorado Mid Atlantic Georgia Northern California
Regional Nursing Research Council/Committee check   check
RN on Regional IRB check check check check   check
Nurse Research Residency check            
# Nurse Studies Completed 2014 check
≥ 1/100 Beds
0 0 0 0 0 check

≤1/100 Beds

# Nurse Studies Completed 2015 check
≥ 1/100 Beds
0 0 0 0 0 check
≤ 1/100 Beds


  • ≥ 1/100 Beds = At least one nursing study per 100 beds across region
  • ≤ 1/100 Beds = Less than one nursing study per 100 beds across region
  Baseline - January 2015
  February 2015 and ongoing



Academy of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

AcademyREBPThe Academy of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) provides linkages across the academic-to-service and research-to-practice divides through an innovative interprofessional collaborative partnership. The Academy seeks to fulfill this mission and vision through a unique academic-service partnership, educational and evidence resources, and the generation and dissemination of integrative reviews. The partnership emphasizes the development of its members into a team of expert reviewers and consultants. The collaborative is supported and sponsored by the Kaiser Permanente SCAL Regional Nursing Research Program. Ultimately, the Academy of EBP strives to advance nursing practice through the examination and dissemination of evidence, including research findings, in order to answer clinical questions and positively impact patient outcomes.

See Mining the Evidence for an extremely useful tool developed by the academy

kpLibraries Guide to Creating Posters and Presentations

The kpLibrarians have created a new virtual guide on creating posters and presentations, which is useful for:

  • finding information about how to develop and deliver presentations and poster sessions,
  • accessing resources to use when creating posters/presentations,
  • finding citation guidelines and resources,
  • checking out books to help with building memorable presentations and honing public speaking skills

Kaiser Permanente Nursing Leadership Council (NNLC)
- Research & Evidence-Based Practice Committee

The NNLC Research and Evidence-Based Practice Committee is comprised of nursing representatives from all KP regions and from both inpatient as well as ambulatory settings. The committee's goals are:

  • To expand nursing research at regional, inter-regional and national levels;
  • To expand the number of nurses serving as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator on research studies;
  • To conduct primary research and studies that include nursing-sensitive metrics; and
  • To inform practice and policy by translating research findings into evidence-based practice at the point of care for Kaiser Permanente members, patients and their families.

KP Research & Evidence-Based Practice Contacts

Catherine M. Dower, JD

  • Director, National Nursing Research and Policy (NPCS)
  • Chair, National Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice Committee

Mary Spiering, MN, RN-BC, CNS

  • Nursing Professional Practice Program Manager
  • Co-chair, National Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice Committee