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The mission of National Patient Care Services (NPCS) is to support Kaiser Permanente (KP) nursing leaders across all regions and collaborate with internal and external partners to enable the delivery of the highest quality and most safe patient-centered care. Our vision is to be known and recognized as trusted and valued partners in transforming nursing practice.

Under the leadership of Marilyn Chow, NPCS works closely with the National Nursing Leadership Council (NNLC), the body of senior nurse leaders from across the Program, to implement the nursing strategy of uniting and aligning more than 53,000 nurses at KP under a common nursing vision, set of values and nursing model. In addition, we partner with internal KP departments, such as Quality, Service, KP-IT, and Human Resources, to achieve organizational objectives.

Leadership Team

  • Linda Leavell
  • Catherine Dower
  • Madeleine Reed
  • Rachna B. Pandya

To contact the leadership team, please send an email to

Projects & Services

  • The Voice of Nursing
  • Medicare Nursing First Five
  • B3: Breaking the Silos, Bridging the Gap, Building the Future
  • Nursing Pathways website
  • NNLC Partners
  • Ambulatory NKE+
  • Program-wide Consulting
  • Professional Development