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As a nurse, you are one of our strongest advocates for quality care and patient safety. And we salute your pride in-and dedication to-the practice of nursing. We want you to have every possible advantage in ensuring the best possible care for our members. The Inpatient Nursing Quality Indicators Program and the Inpatient Medication Improvement initiatives are examples of our commitment to quality and patient safety. By promoting safety in the work place, we generate better care while reinforcing our sense of teamwork. And that gives us all something to be proud of.

We also know that research has found a direct correlation between care quality and service quality. Nurses have more meaningful interactions, more frequently, and for longer periods of time than any other constituency in health care and as such have the greatest impact on the patient's service experience.

Nurses at Kaiser Permanente practice all three levels of care. The first level of care is competence. The second level of care is courtesy. Finally, there is the third level of caring, compassion. Compassion goes beyond common courtesy; it means attending to the patient in a way that demonstrates genuine concern. Authentic compassion and caring about each patient on a personal level is the most evident form of personal behavior in health care and our nurses are at the heart of care quality, patient safety, and service excellence at Kaiser Permanente.

"The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm."

- Florence Nightingale

Infection Control

Our infection control program is dedicated to the prevention of health-care-acquired infections in both our inpatient and outpatient arenas. In every medical center and medical office building nationwide, a team of professionals staff Kaiser Permanente's infection control services.

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Workplace Safety

Kaiser Permanente believes that an injury-free workplace should be the goal and responsibility of every physician, manager and employee, and an essential ingredient of high-quality, affordable patient care. Working in Partnership, we are establishing the health care industry standard by setting the goal of eliminating all causes of work-related injuries and illnesses, so as to create a workplace free of injuries.

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Patient Safety

Our mission is to help Kaiser Permanente to become the national leader in patient safety. In order to reach this goal we must provide care that is patient-centered, effective, efficient, and above all else, safe. This objective is founded on a philosophy that believes patient safety is every patient's right and every leader’s, employee’s, physician’s and patient’s responsibility.  It is an ongoing and relentless commitment to “do no harm” by building safer systems and preventing the preventable.  

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Hospitals, Quality and Care Delivery Excellence

Hospitals, Quality and Care Delivery Excellence expands awareness among Kaiser Permanente members, consumers, brokers, and employees that our unique care delivery model and experience is the best option for high-quality care.

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