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Innovation, Informatics, and Technology Committee

We partner with nursing leaders across the enterprise to support nursing professional practice, workflow, and efficiency through innovation, standardization, implementation optimization, and operationalization of data and technology.

Informatics Projects

MDIP (Medical Device Integration Program)

The Medical Device Integration Program was launched in 2009 to respond to the rapidly evolving technology convergence in Medical Devices and meet the clinical demands to improve efficiency and quality of care.

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Alarm Fatigue

Alarm Fatigue has been recognized by the medical industry as a top hazard that has and does contribute to negative patient outcomes including death.

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Alarm Monitoring Standards

The Alarm Management Work Group is an inter-regional and multidisciplinary group that works with the alarm notification system (Emergin) setting standards and resolving issues.

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NPC (National Product Council)

The CD BIO team has joined forces with the National Product Council to provide expert technical advice to the vendor selection process.

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Blue Button

Need help with technology? Are you considering a technical solution to a problem in your clinical space? Click our Blue Button to get help and advice on your technical needs, to find out what others have tried, or what is currently in pilot. Let us be your innovation, informatics, and technology resource. A simple contact box will appear where you can make your request of the team.



Innovation and Advanced Technology

Kaiser Permanente has a rich history of innovation. Clinical resources for innovation provided through the Innovation and Advanced Technology (IAT) team include the Innovation Fund for Technology, clinician advisors, tech assessment and advisory services, an i-Labs team to help build and design innovations, and i-Engagement to help connect with clinicians and members around emerging technology. Dr. Dan Weberg, PhD, RN is the nursing innovation leader on the team and the main contact for NPCS, NNLC, and other clinical innovations regarding the above services. The IAT team, along with the IIT team, can help connect you to innovative technologies and pilots across the organization including Health360 and Imagine Care Anywhere, as well as mentor you in your own innovation journey. IAT can also help you partner with Innovation Hunters, Design and Innovation Groups (DIG), and other innovation resources.

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Innovation Consultancy

ILNThe Innovation Consultancy is a national Kaiser Permanente team of creative people who use design thinking to innovate. They work with frontline staff, management and patients to design and implement solutions that improve the care experience for our patients and the work experience for care providers.

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Innovation Learning Network

ilnThe Innovation Learning Network (ILN) brings together the most innovative health care organizations in the United States and United Kingdom to share promising solutions across our systems, to explore and evolve the methods of innovation, and to foster collaborative friendships among our many and talented people.

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Sidney R. Garfield Health Care Innovation Center

garfieldcenterThe Sidney R. Garfield Health Care Innovation Center focuses on activities that promote innovation at Kaiser Permanente. Since its inception in 2006, the Garfield Center has been a living laboratory in which ideas are tested and solutions are developed in a hands-on, simulated clinical environment.

Drawing on real-world scenarios, many aspects of delivering health care are examined at the Center through simulations, technology testing, prototyping, product evaluations, and training. Successful initiatives then undergo additional testing at Kaiser Permanente medical centers and clinics. The Garfield Center is located in San Leandro, Calif., and is open to KP groups working on innovation projects. All activities and tours are by appointment only. 

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