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HealthStreamKaiser Permanente HealthStream

The HealthStream Learning Center® (HLC) is the most widely adopted health care-specific learning management system in the U.S. Healthcare providers use the HLC for scheduling, assigning, tracking, delivering, and reporting on classroom and online learning to support improved outcomes.

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KP HealthStream Login

KP HealthStream and Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) is available to KP HealthStream and HealthStream Express. Single Sign-On provides a way to sign on to multiple KP websites and web-based applications using a single password together with your National User ID (NUID).

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HealthStream Learning Center

The HealthStream Learning Center™ LMS is the most adopted learning management system in the health care industry with more than 2.4 million health care workers actively using our system. The HLC provides a robust yet easy to use, SCORM conformant, learning platform for scheduling, assigning, tracking, delivering, and reporting on classroom & online learning. The HLC supports more than 70,000 on-line course completions and over 100,000 student log-ins every day, all from users in a health care setting.

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HealthStream Competency Center

In health care, competency affects more than job performance; it affects patients’ lives. That’s why we have moved the issue to the forefront, with the HealthStream Competency Center. This product, designed around competency, is not an add-on or afterthought. It is an innovative, comprehensive solution that provides exceptional value. This is why leaders at half of U.S. hospitals continue to choose HealthStream as their partner.

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