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Infection Prevention and Control Plus Measures Toolkit

This document was developed by Kaiser Permanente. Please feel free to use and reproduce this material in the spirit of patient safety, and please retain this note in the spirit of appropriate recognition.

The toolkit was designed for IPs (Infection Preventionists) as a resource/reference when assessing/expanding infection prevention programs. In the absence of a sustained zero infection rate for any type of infection, and in the absence of risk to patients, prevention measures supported by less than category 1 level evidence (i.e. "Plus measures") are often employed.

There is no intent to endorse any particular product or company. There is no intent to suggest these measures are mandatory.

THE 2016

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Hand Hygiene

" Hands"

"Hands" was produced by Dale Lieu, M.D., an infectious diseases physician at Kaiser Permanente, San Diego. This four-and-a-half-minute video promoting hand hygiene uses a musical style familiar to younger healthcare workers, but done in a fashion appreciated by all ages. Dr. Lieu's son, Daniel, an alumni of the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at the University of the Pacific, directed and edited the video, and also composed the original beat. Alex "Vision" Shiau, a recent graduate from UCSD, wrote and performed the song. John Yao, a recent UCSD graduate and now professional photographer, along with Josh Chen, a recent UCSD student, handled recruiting and photography. 

All efforts toward the making of "Hands" were donated. "Hands" is copyrighted. For more information:

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" CleanMakers"

A 5 minute video produced at the request of the Infection Control Programme of the University of Geneva Hospitals and its VigiGerme initiative, the Rythmakers set the tempo for you to efficiently clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub solution! So join the dance and become a Cleanmaker! Contact:

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Kaiser CSI New Employee Orientation Video

The following 10 minute video clip has been excerpted from the original Kaiser CSI new employee orientation video. This was done for submission to the APIC film festival. Unfortunately we learned that due to legal concerns we could not submit. However, we would like to make the clip available for anyone who would like to use it for employee education, promotion of infection prevention events etc. We offer this for wide use in the interest of supporting the drive to zero preventable infections. Please note that this can not be reproduced without my department's permission (we will likely grant all requests, just need to keep track of them).

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National KP Flexible Scope Reprocessing Guidelines 2015

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