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Regional Care Experience Council

Council membership includes national, regional, medical center and labor leaders representing senior leadership, nursing, pharmacy, operations support, continuing care, and ambulatory care.
The Regional Care Experience Council’s overarching goals include:

  • Achieve and sustain industry leading care experience for patients across Kaiser Permanente Southern California.
  • Develop and implement a care experience regional strategic plan with prioritized, targeted areas for improvement.
  • Bring forth a unified approach to the implementation of patient and family centered care across the Region.
  • Promote an environment of openness and collaboration across the region and leverage system-wide resources to achieve our common goals.
  • Establish regional line of sight goals for nursing, nursing perioperative services, home care and operations support leadership
  • Partner with labor to establish Inpatient and Home Health Care Experience Performance Sharing Program (PSP) goals.
  • Partner with program office and local medical center data analytics to create and provide meaningful reports for all data users to support improvement.
  • Develop criteria for defining successful practices ready for spread.
  • Identify and provide forums for sharing and spreading internal and external best practices.
  • Leverage technology applications that can assist in creating an industry leading care experience.