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Quality & Safety

At Kaiser Permanente, the quality of our care is one of our top priorities. So that we can continue to offer excellent services, we provide our nurses with the latest communications about quality and guidelines.

Through working in partnerships with our nurses, we have developed programs in Northern California with the California Nurses Association (CNA) to access and improve quality performances throughout our facilities.

Scope of Practice

The Scope of Practice and Legal Limits materials made accessible to visitors through the Nursing Pathways Web pages are furnished solely for informational and educational purposes.

Learn about regulations, training requirements, practice settings, and duties of nursing and other medical careers in the state of California. These pages also explain the tasks and limitations for each nursing title and medical role.

This section provides general information consistent with the legal scope of practice, regulations promulgated by the regulatory or licensing boards, and Kaiser Permanente's legal interpretation of the regulations.

Local policy dictates the application of regulations to practice within the framework of the legal scope of practice. Actual practice may vary from facility to facility.

Currently, you can access information about the scope of practice for Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) and Registered Nurses (RNs), as well as information about the legal definitions and limits for MAs.

Nursing Quality
Liaison Program

The program's goal is to increase staff RN/NP participation in the quality assurance/performance improvement (QA/PI) process in Kaiser Permanente and to improve quality patient care and outcomes. Our mission is founded on a philosophy that believes patient safety is every patient's right and every leader's, employees', and physicians' responsibility. It is an ongoing commitment to build safer systems to prevent preventable errors and to create a culture of responsible reporting.

Short-Term objectives

Quality Resources

Clinical Library

Expand your knowledge and enhance patient care. The Clinical Library is Kaiser Permanente's online resource for:

  • Clinical practice information
  • Continuing education
  • Drug and lab information
  • Manuals and directories
  • News and research
  • Order sheets
  • Sites outside Kaiser Permanente
  • Clinical guidelines by region
  • Reference materials
  • Clinician education
  • Member education
  • Health care news

From a Kaiser Permanente facility, access the Clinical Library via our intranet.

Outside of Kaiser Permanente, click here and you will be prompted to create a username and password. Your site experience will differ from those using the Kaiser Permanente intranet.

Workplace Safety

Direct patient care is the at the heart of what we do at Kaiser Permanente.

As we continue to be the driver of quality care in Northern California and the nation, we know that early, progressive, and safe mobilization of our patients is an essential best practice. In order to meet the patient's mobility need and to ensure the safety of our staff performing this care, we are providing you with tools in the link below. This work focus principally on safe patient handling and what we have seen as major driver to staff injuries in these tasks in the adult bedded units of our hospitals. The number one cause of patient handling injury to our colleagues in these units is from the task of boosting and repositioning patients- a task we do multiple times in a shift. To keep you safe while meeting our patient's mobility needs, we hope these tools are useful in your practice!

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Quality and Regulatory Services

Kaiser Permanente Northern California is committed to remaining a national leader in workplace and patient safety, and becoming the safest place to give and receive care in California, the nation, and the world.

As an integral part of the organization's Quality Program, patient safety requires providing patient centered care that is reliable, effective, consistent, and safe. This mission is founded on the philosophy that patient safety is every patient's right and every leader’s, employee’s, physician’s, and patient’s responsibility. It is an ongoing, relentless commitment to build safer systems using performance improvement methodology and to prevent needless harm.

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