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As a nurse, a positive work environment is essential-both to care delivery and career satisfaction. At Kaiser Permanente, we support a collegial environment of collaboration, teamwork, and support so that you can expand the scope of your practice and do and be your best every day.

We also provide the best possible tools and resources (human, technical, and otherwise), giving you the support you need to grow and excel. And by promoting and encouraging nurse participation in hospital affairs, supporting manager-growth, and fostering collegial relationships between nurses and physicians, we ensure an environment in which we all can thrive.

Kaiser Permanente is also proud of its on-going investments in the technological side of the nursing practice. We are always upgrading current technologies and exploring new systems to improve nursing care though innovation. Kaiser Permanente's groundbreaking electronic medical records system, KP HealthConnect, is just one example of how we always aim to be at the cutting edge of creating a practice environment where technology serves nurses in their daily work, providing clinical decision support tools to increase time spent in direct patient care.

Quality, Safety & Service

At Kaiser Permanente, the quality of our care is one of our top priorities. So that we can continue to offer excellent services, we provide our nurses with the latest communications about quality and guidelines.

Through working in partnerships with our nurses, we have developed programs in Northern California with the California Nurses Association (CNA) to access and improve quality performances throughout our facilitie

Caring Science

Caring Science comes from The Human Caring Theory that was originally developed by Dr Jean Watson as a way to give language to what nurses do every day in their practice. Since the original work in 1979, the Theory has expanded and evolved, becoming more of a philosophy and science.  With this expansion and evolution, Caring Science becomes broader than just nursing practices and can be applied to any care giver situation or healthcare worker role. Caring Science makes explicit the covenant we have with the public and acknowledges the mind-body-spirit connections and healing arts used in healthcare. In 2008, WCSI and Heart Math formed an alignment as the heart sciences were a natural compliment to the Caring Sciences.

Caring Science Links

Leadership & Vision

In this section, you will find several presentations and videos outlining Caring Science and our journey in NCAL.

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Caritas in Action

How Caring Science informs and inspires the nursing process and affirms the commitments of Kaiser Permanente Nurses to provide our patients and their families exceptional care.

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Caritas Inspiration

In this section, you will find video, audio and website links that inspire us to cherish and cultivate the beauty and blessings in our lives, to create caring-healing environments and to foster helping-trusting relationships.

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Caritas Consortium

In this section, you will find tools, materials and photos presented and captured at the KP Caritas Consortium. The Caritas Consortium provided a forum for medical centers and their staff to share stories and to engage in energetic dialogue in order to facilitate further spread of their most inspired ideas.

Building Caritas Leaders

In this section you will find an overview of each program as well as contacts, materials and resources.

Caring-Healing Modalities

In this section, you will find resources for Caring-Healing modalities such as Pet Therapy, Guided Imagery, Aromatherapy and more!

Communication Tools

In this section, you will find communication and planning tools that will enable you to make Caring Science more visible, felt and heard within your medical center.

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In this section, you will find links where you can learn more about Watson Caring Science Institute, Heart Math, etc.

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Service Enhancement

Kaiser Permanente strives to set a new standard for service in the health care industry. We are defined by our service credo:

Our cause is health.
Our passion is service.
We're here to make lives better.

The service quality credo reminds us of the positive input we can have on our members every day. It creates another "Thrive" experience within the organization, and it inspires us to look at our roles at Kaiser Permanente. Our goal is to become an organization that is synonymous with great service. This goal is not only critical to the success of Kaiser Permanente, it is critical to the care we give to our members and to each other. To find out more about our service initiatives and to find tools in support of the credo, please visit the service quality section of the Department of Care and Service Quality Web site.

You may also be interested in the work of the Care Experience Council (CEC). The CEC is a joint group of senior operations leaders from Health Plan, Medical Group, and (the?) Labor Management Partnership who are dedicated to improving members' care experience at Kaiser Permanente. Council members come from all eight Kaiser Permanente regions and Group Health Cooperative. Their web site is designed to share innovations, research, and successful practices for achieving service excellence across the program at Kaiser Permanente.