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Leadership plays a big role in inspiring success. At Kaiser Permanente, we are committed to giving our nurse managers the support and tools to develop and enhance their leadership skills, while inspiring the nurse leaders of tomorrow.

Through programs like the Kaiser Permanente Nursing Leadership Institute, we actively encourage communication and collaboration-enabling us to build a stronger team from the inside out.

Leadership History

During the fall of 2000, the Patient Care Services Education Team, with the sponsorship of Mary Ann Thode, Tony Gately, and Marilyn Chow, began the Leadership Series for managers of nurses. We call this series, "Leading in a Changing Environment." We recognize the need to bring our managers of nurses together to identify strategies and tools to enable them to lead within our changing environment at Kaiser Permanente. The objectives for the series of conferences include:

  • Encouraging the heart and spirit within one's self and one's work environment
  • Identifying strategies and tools for better communication and team building within our work units
  • Understanding the power of influence and decision making
  • Identifying strategies and tools for enhancing a culturally diverse work environment
  • Identifying innovative services and sharing of best practices
  • Using the six Nursing Pathways as a guide for identifying implementation of successful nursing practices and nursing staff development

Since its inception, we have held seven forums, reaching over 2000 managers, directors, and executives.

Evaluations show sessions are positively received, providing managers with an opportunity to have candid discussions with organization leaders.

NNLC (National Nursing Leadership Council)

Comprising of senior leaders from across Kaiser Permanente and senior nurse leaders in our Labor Management Partnership, the National Nursing Leadership Council (NNLC) provides leadership to achieve high-quality nursing outcomes, contributing to a superior care experience for Kaiser Permanente members.

In order to clarify and share scope of practice definitions across regions, the goal of the NNLC is to ensure that nurses have the optimum resources and experience at Kaiser Permanente. The NNLC also works with labor groups to improve workplace safety, and meets quarterly to further initiatives in the six Nursing Pathways.

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Nursing Leadership Institute

For Nurse Managers at Kaiser Permanente

The institute is a joint endeavor between Kaiser Permanente's National Patient Care Services and The Advisory Board Company, Washington, DC.

Although the Advisory Board serves the entire nursing leadership team, the Nursing Leadership Academy (NLI), its curriculum and services primarily serve the educational needs of frontline managers.

Advisory Board Company

Kaiser Permanente is a member of several Advisory Board Company programs through which our staff can gain access to best-practice research from across the continuum of care. Of particular interest to nurses and nurse leaders are the offerings of the Nursing Executive Center and the Nursing Leadership Academy.