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At Kaiser Permanente, new and shared ideas come together to offer a more personalized, high quality experience for your patients and an engaging, rewarding work environment for you.

Because innovation is key to improving and strengthening the practice, Kaiser Permanente has initiated a number of programs to promote human-centered care delivery for both patients and care providers. And like all good innovation, it doesn't stop there.

Garfield Innovation Network

Laboratory for Innovation

As with many other innovations in our field, Kaiser Permanente was a pioneer in the use of technology in health care as a result of a leadership challenge from founding physician Sidney R. Garfield. This led to a pilot project 40 years ago that was "the most comprehensive inpatient and outpatient medical information system in the world" in its day.

As Kaiser Permanente became an early leader in computer innovation, it also was a leader in seeing the computer as a tool that could help physicians better personalize care. In 1968, three Kaiser Permanente sites became part of a seven-site network of national Health Services Research Centers: The Garfield Innovation Network.

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Innovation at Kaiser Permanente

Nurse Knowledge Exchange

Nurses and other care givers are involved in exchanging knowledge and information all day, every day. Nursing Knowledge Exchange (NKE) provides tools and processes to make the exchange of patient information, particularly around shift change, more timely, informative, and inclusive of the patient.

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Solutions Exchange

This Permanente Medical Group intranet tool facilitates the exchange of successful practices and innovative idea sharing among our physicians, department managers, staff, and leadership. All entries to Solutions Exchange undergo an approval, quality, and risk-review process prior to posting.

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KP Health Connect

Kaiser Permanente embraces the tools and systems that make it easier for patients and caregivers to make the right health choices. The electronic tools being incorporated into our care practices set new standards for care delivery-putting us on the leading edge of the health industry.

The biggest and most exciting of these tools, Kaiser Permanente HealthConnectT is a $3.2 billion information technology system designed to expedite the flow of information between patients, physicians, key health specialists, and patient services. When fully implemented, the system will enable health care practitioners to access electronic health records, decision-support tools, and evidence-based protocols in real-time in the exam room-facilitating immediate and informed decisions.

The business, research, and administrative benefits of this powerful technology are equally far-reaching, allowing us to generate comprehensive and accurate research faster than ever imagined. The resulting data will allow us to assess and track the cost and value of our care, helping us reduce disparities and improve health outcomes for entire populations.

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Innovation in Health Care

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement is a not-for-profit organization committed to improving the delivery of health care across the world.

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IDEO is a design firm that has been working with Kaiser Permanente to develop innovative designs and methods.

Click here to read the BusinessWeek article about IDEO's efforts to "overhaul the patient experience" at Kaiser Permanente.

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