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Welcome to Northern California

A collection of local programs and initiatives, Nursing Pathways gives you the tools to enrich your career. And your practice.


Stories about nursing excellence in the Northern California region.

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Nurse Scholar AcademyKaiser Permanente Northern California Region is excited to announce the launch of its new Nurse Scholars Academy for Northern California KFH/HP nurses. The Nurse Scholars Academy includes an exciting series of degree programs to greatly increase the number of Northern California nurses with baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral degrees by 2020. The region is also expanding the number of available management development programs. From the aspiring nurse who is thinking about a leadership career to the middle manager on track to become a chief nursing officer, we are dedicating resources to help nurses become leaders in health care delivery.

For more information, visit the Nurse Scholars Academy website.

About Kaiser Permanente

Our Culture

Throughout our history, the people of Kaiser Permanente have contributed values and beliefs-creating a vibrant culture that is one of our most defining characteristics. The combined power of these voices is what makes being a part of Kaiser Permanente so unique. Walk through the doors of any Kaiser Permanente program office, hospital, or clinic, and you can't help but witness that culture at work.

Here, you'll be celebrated for who you are as an individual as well as for what you bring to the team. Your perspectives and ideas shape your connection to the shared mission we contribute to every day. Our mutual understanding and respect creates a nurturing environment in which we can all excel.

Our History

Our story began in the shipyards and steel mills of World War II when Sidney Garfield, MD and Henry J. Kaiser partnered to champion the cause of pre-paid health care. In the years that followed, Kaiser Permanente gained recognition as a trusted health advisor. Being both a care provider and an insurance provider created a unique win-win situation. The organization benefited from keeping its members healthy. And they benefited from staying healthy.

Today, Kaiser Permanente is America's leading not-for-profit integrated health plan serving more than 10.6 million people in eight states and the District of Columbia. Thanks to the dedication of more than 186,000 employees and 18,000 physicians, in a single year we may schedule more than 44 million doctor office visits, deliver 101,000 babies, perform 137,000 inpatient surgeries, and fill more than 78 million prescriptions.*

*Data per 2015 annual report.

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