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Newborn Assessment Training

KPMAS Newborn Physical Assessment now includes both modules I and II all in one course. This course is now available on KP Learn.

This course was designed for the specific training needs of the ambulatory care pediatric nurse and is required as part of the Newborn Club Nurse training curriculum.

The course takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete and will provide nursing education on:

  • the processes involved in transitioning from fetal to newborn life,
  • the introduction to providing newborn assessments,
  • normal newborn characteristics
  • components of a newborn physical exam,
  • expected and unexpected findings, and
  • documentation of exam findings

Please email Grace P. White,, for any questions.

Additional Resources

Regional Pap Tracking Training

Welcome to the Pap Tracking Training for the KP-MAS region. This training is designed for Health Care Team Nurses and Pap Tracking Nurses, who work in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The purpose of this training is to: ensure a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities in processing results for cervical cancer screening; to provide team members with the tools to practice using the most recent evidence-based screening guidelines; and to provide clarification on the required functions of the KMATE database. This training will be required for new and existing team members.

Our member-focused goals for this program include: promotion of timely follow-up; increased early findings of disease; improvement of care coordination between disciplines; and an increase in cost-savings. For your reference, the entire pap-tracking toolkit can be accessed on MASK. This toolkit addresses the pap-tracking program in more detail and includes:

  • Multi-disciplinary pap-tracking guidelines
  • Revised workflows/pathways
  • Established metrics for quality improvement

We thank you for your commitment to ensuring the quality of this program for our members. We value your contributions to our success in cervical cancer screenings and we look forward to another successful year!